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  • 2023-12-20

Are you eager to kickstart your marketing career and make a positive difference in people’s lives? Join us as a Marketing Intern and be a part of our exciting journey, where you’ll have the opportunity to learn extensively and gain hands-on experience across multinational markets. 🤗🌍

🤩About Us:

At Caricature24™, our mission is to spread joy worldwide by offering personalized, hand-drawn caricatures. Operating proudly in Bulgaria, Germany, Australia, the USA, and the UK, we aspire to expand our footprint to Canada, Poland, the Czech Republic, New Zealand, the UAE, Cyprus, Greece, and the Netherlands.

Our internship program is paid and has a duration of 9 months. While prior work experience isn’t mandatory, we value relevant field knowledge and a strong commitment to continuous “learning by doing”. We are providing an exclusive opportunity for top candidates to secure a permanent position upon successfully concluding their internship.

Dive into the dynamic world of marketing from A to Z, supported by an experienced mentor, and equipped with tools and resources to enhance your skills. We offer various opportunities for your development –  kickstart with the ones that spark your passion and align with your skills! 👇🚀

🔍You can explore any of the following areas:

  • Market Expansion – Contribute to new international market growth, analyze competitors, conduct market research, and support digital marketing initiatives;
  • Business Growth and Partnerships – Facilitate expansion into new areas, Etsy store development, and the establishment of partnerships with multinational online gift shops.
  • Performance Marketing – Participate in optimizing marketing channels such as SEO, Google Ads, Meta Ads, etc., analyze metrics and suggest improvements;
  • Content Marketing – Publish content including social media updates, blog posts, email newsletters, optimizing for various target audiences and across platforms;
  • Website Optimization and Technical Development – Assist in website analysis and optimization, contribute to technical requirements, and collaborate with programmers;
  • Analysis and Planning – Engage in regular planning, analyze key performance indicators, and participate in cross-channel analytics.

Be brave and choose more than one area to delve into! Together, we will evaluate your results and provide opportunities for further progress in the areas you excel and shine.🤩

⭐If you:

  • Have relevant education in Marketing, Business, or a related field (any experience is a plus);
  • Are always eager to delve into new challenges, learn extensively, and embrace variety of tasks with enthusiasm;
  • Are known as a data wizard, effortlessly spotting hidden opportunities and trends within the numbers;
  • Have always managed to deliver excellent school projects despite tight deadlines and unpredicted changes;
  • Have proficiency in English (additional languages are a plus).

You’re the one we’ve been waiting for! 🎯

🏆What We Offer: 

    • Massive opportunities for career growth – 80% of our team members have advanced to leadership roles and we envision our intern to follow the same path, progressing to Marketing Manager/Director; 
    • Dynamic work environment where you’ll work on real-world tasks, gaining insight into business operations and the pivotal role of marketing;
    • Access to an internal database of courses, ongoing training, mentorship, external conferences and expert consultants to support your development;
  • Freedom to use innovative approaches and develop valuable skills, applicable in various aspects of life;
  • A competitive salary with performance-based incentives;
  • Flexibility in working hours, so even midday dental adventures won’t leave you toothless with worry;
  • Opportunity to choose: exchange experiences and ideas with open-minded and motivated colleagues in the office, or work from home, enjoying flexibility of the hybrid/ remote way of working.
  • A supportive and fun environment where you feel valued and important 

How to Apply:

Are you ready to supercharge your marketing career and make an impact? If so, click the „Apply“ button below to submit your CV. We are excited to spread joy around the globe together – one caricature at a time! 🎨

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