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Hi there! 👋

We are WeCan Group Inc. and we help people around the world make their loved ones happy by giving them the opportunity to create their unique personalized gift through art.

We are Bulgaria’s leading e-commerce provider for handmade caricatures and portraits, and our products delight clients in more than 17 other countries.

We are actively growing and our next goal is to increase orders 14 times. The main markets where we aim to grow our brand exposure further are: Bulgaria, USA, UK, Germany and Australia, and we are planning a series of localizations for new markets. We have created and are managing over 10 websites and their respective social media pages in various languages.

To help us with our growth in new and existing markets, we are looking for a key team member – an experienced marketing expert with outstanding analytical skills, a thirst for experimenting and a readiness to accept the challenge of being a catalyst for our future expansion. 🙋‍♂️🙋‍♀️

What you’d be doing in this role:

  • Getting to know the particularities and advantages of our products in detail
  • Building a system for interacting with potential clients through sales funnels by using company websites and target pages, Facebook, Instagram (organic and paid), Google (organic and paid) as well as other channels (affiliate marketing, Bing, Pinterest, TikTok, YouTube, Marketplaces, Seznam, etc.) to secure a stable growth of our sales
  • Organising a system for analysing and monitoring of KPIs 
  • Creating technical requirements for the improvement of the UX & CRO of websites, landing pages, etc
  • Initiating and controlling improvements in the sales funnels as well as integrations with all necessary software.
  • Managing agencies and contractors for the different traffic channels
  • Regularly interacting with the sales department and influencing the completion of their sales plans
  • In the long term: participating in strategic sessions on company growth in international markets, providing new product ideas

You’d be a fit for this role if you:

  • Have at least 2 years of Digital Marketing experience that you can back up with specific facts and numbers
  • Communicate confidently in written and oral English
  • Have basic knowledge of the following areas: sales funnels, SEO, PPC, Google Ads, Facebook/Instagram Ads, SMM, PR, CRO, UX, CJM and you have practical experience and proven results with at least one of them
  • Are keen on optimizing and analyzing KPIs so you’d want to set up precise analytics asap
  • Have a solid enough understanding of lead generation and performance marketing to manage contractors (marketing & advertising agencies, freelancers, affiliates, etc.)
  • Are capable of writing quality text to prototype landing pages, write emails and formulate clearly tasks for your colleagues and external stakeholders
  • Are capable to delegate routine tasks to external contractors (marketing agencies, freelancers, designers, programmers) and internal specialists
  • Would like to get acquainted with the particularities of Digital Marketing in USA, Australia, UK, Germany and others

We are YOUR people if you want to have:

  • Massive opportunities for growth – Besides further developing our brand in the USA, Australia, the UK and Germany, you will participate in the scaling to new markets and potentially, evolve to a Marketing Manager role
  • Diverse tasks that will help you deploy your professional and creative potential
  • Access to an internal database of courses and professional development programs
  • A transparent compensation package, including a base salary + bonuses based on the achievement of KPIs + % of sales
  • Freedom – Choose your own working hours and work style, whether fully remote or hybrid, enjoying our cozy office in Manastirski Livadi 
  • A workplace where you feel valued and important – Your voice will always be heard
  • New friends – Our team is super close-knit and fun 🙂

This job sounds interesting? Let`s meet! Send your CV now and be ready for the next steps!

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